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Dance Class

Mentorship program for
young dance teachers

Want to try a field of a dance teacher?

From January 2024 we are proud to present our first dance teacher mentorship program. What does it mean?

This program is for everyone who would like to start or continue their journey as a dance teacher and bring their passion and joy for dance to many-many dancers on the dance floor.

Finishing this course gives you direct possibility to work in our dance company straight after and during the mentorship program.


Who is suitable for the program?

Somebody who has ..

- .. passion & motivation to teach young talents in dance field.

- .. passion for dance in general.

- .. previous dance or teaching experience.. It is not required but strongly recommended.

- .. time during January-April to read the material and be part of our practical dance teacher classes.

We take applicants as young as 14 years old. (Exception can be made)

Dance teacher program

Being uploaded by January 7th!


Is it something you`d like to give it a go?

Get in touch so we can start growing together!

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