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"Embracing Moms, Babies, Toddlers, and Soon-to-Be Moms: Join Us!"

We are pleased to introduce a specialized program at our esteemed dance school catering to babys, toddlers, parents, and expectant mothers. Our primary emphasis is on establishing a secure and imaginative environment, inviting all to utilize dance as a means of fostering connections with their infants, engaging in physical activity, and, most importantly, deriving enjoyment from the experience. Your well-being and enjoyment are paramount to us.



soon to be moms / post-partum moms 
baby`s & toddlers  3 months - 3 years old
Mothers Exercising with Babies


During this invigorating workout, we focus on both your fitness and bonding with your child. Parents have the option to keep their baby next to them during exercises or incorporate their baby into specific routines. All babies are warmly welcomed to the class, where they can lay comfortably on mats next to their parents. Additionally, for parents with active toddlers, we provide the convenience of a beautiful playing corner to keep themselves safe and busy.


Our session typically begins with a dance warm-up, where you'll move your baby to the rhythm, followed by a carefully crafted muscular workout plan. This program is thoughtfully designed to accommodate postpartum mothers or those expecting, providing an excellent opportunity to reconnect with your body and mind. 


baby`s & toddlers  3 months - 3 years old
Nursery babies playing together in kindergarten gym.jpg


Our Parent-Toddler Gym class offers a unique opportunity for parents to bond with their children while engaging in a fun and stimulating activity. Our obstacle course and gymnastics elements are designed to help children develop their physical and mental abilities in a safe and supportive environment. Sign up today for a wonderful bonding experience with your child!


 Toddlers 1,5-3 years old
Young diverse kids standing with their parents.jpg


At our dance class, we offer a fun and engaging parent-toddler dance experience that will have you and your little one moving and grooving in no time! Our classes are designed to build confidence, coordination, and socialization skills while providing an exciting opportunity to bond with your child. Come join us and watch as the rhythm takes over!


soon to be moms / post-partum moms 
baby`s & toddlers  3 months - 3 years old
Mother and Baby


Our open studio is specifically allocated for soon-to-be mothers, postpartum mothers, and parents with toddlers. This space offers you the opportunity to engage in self-guided training while your baby accompanies you or to utilize the studio for the purpose of connecting with fellow mothers. Furthermore, during these studio hours, we provide the services of a dedicated dance nanny who can care for your toddler should you choose to devote this valuable one-to-two-hour daily interval to your personal needs. Our commitment is to ensure that each of you receives the time and support necessary to meet your individual requirements.


At Verbier Dance Company, we offer a unique parent-toddler training program that focuses on the well-being of both the mother and baby. We believe that it's important to create a safe and comfortable environment for everyone who steps into our studio. Contact us directly before registration to find the most suitable class for you and your little one!

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